It's a Win Win Situation for Flamgard

Despite tough economic times, one of South Wales’ most established companies is still creating jobs and there is optimism this will continue into the future.

And Steve Edwards, who runs Flamgard in Pontypool, believes this happy state of affairs would not be possible without funding from the Local Investment Fund.

The factory, which was established in 1981, designs and manufactures fire, blast and shut-off dampers, along with complete isolation dampers, and has big name customers such as Shell, BP and Chevron.

Since 2009, the company has successfully applied for support from the fund, mainly to help upgrade and enhance the specialist equipment used and also to install a new fire alarm system and emergency lighting for their premises after they moved to Pontypool.

“Without the equipment, jobs would be jeopardised.” explained Steve.

“We have big name clients who need total commitment on delivery and that is something we pride ourselves on. “You have to have a good workforce, which we do, and we have to be reliable to be able to continue in business and the Fund has helped us achieve those objectives.”

Steve has also praised the help he received in applying for the funding from Torfaen County Borough Council. “They were more than helpful,” he admits. “When I came to the company two years ago I had never made an application like this before. They made an officer available right through the process, who was able to lead me through all the forms and what needed to be done and when.

“We see ourselves very much as a progressive company and we want to keep progressing. Despite what everyone says about the current economic climate, we have doubled the size of our factory and created 10 new jobs, something we are looking to do again in the future.”

In fact, as well as the 10 full time jobs that have been created over the course of the three lots of funding, turnover has also increased from £3m to £3.5m.

“It is a win-win situation,” says Steve.

Wedi ei bostio ar Dydd Gwener 27th Mehefin 2014