Maxim Business Solutions Achieve Investor in People Accreditation

We are delighted to announce that we have been successful in our IiP assessment and have been identified as meeting the criteria to be recognised as an Investor in People. Claire Dolph our assessor measured us against a range of criteria and commented the following against us:

Strategic Leadership

“Rare is the business leader who can articulate and instil a long-term vision and manage the day-to-day operations with the requisite obsession for detail. Yet at the helm of MBS is a strategic leader who can articulate and instil a long-term vision whilst at the same time managing the day-to-day operations with attention to detail. Creativity, innovation, competency development and continuous learning are all vital elements for the organisation’s growth plans, and a strategic leader is best equipped to initiate and facilitate the development of these elements without compromising the financial health of the organisation.”

Focused Learning and Development

“On arrival at the company, to a warm welcome, an array of certificates was on display in the office and also found in individual development files demonstrating the skills that exist amongst internal staff and Associates. Serving as a record of the talents and skills held by all. This supports the organisation’s desire to develop a multi-skilled workforce placing them in a position to cover many lines of client enquiry in line with the organisation to be seen as a ‘one stop shop’.”

“MBS has recognised that to be truly effective it needs to have a clear sense of direction and a strategy for transforming performance. The organisation has begun to operate with a business plan that has clearly defined targets recently shaped to address the five key areas of the business”

“Maxim Business Solutions is committed to developing and running training programmes which are designed to meet the specific needs of its clients and by doing so maximise people development to ensure optimal performance of client organisations. The organisation’s clearly stated mission is to provide a high level of customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to the customer using MBS for all their training requirements”.

“The unique selling points of the organisation as described by several interviewees included acting professionally and being customer focussed. These unwritten values drive the business forward (a 10% year on year growth over the past four years) and link directly to the expectations of the owner” 

“The organisation uses a variety of methods to monitor individual performance and these include on the job observations by the owner and client feedback sheets following completion of work”

“Adherence to the stringent internal quality assurance requirements of operating as an ILM approved Centre and an EAL centre are paramount in maintaining integrity and value to clients, centre partners and MBS”

Impact Measurement

“The Learning Development element of the business plan clearly identifies linkage to the business priorities e.g. Assessor training; accounts training. Capability has improved upon the back on the organisation’s investment into learning and development with the organisation expanding its product delivery capability to its client base. Increasing the capability of internal staff and Associates, and its service offering is seen as both a key indication of the effectiveness of learning and development and is in line with the owners desire to spend more time acting in his strategic leadership role and less time undertaking “hands-on” client delivery, to develop the business further. Adopting a flexible and effective approach to measuring and reporting the return on investment in its people strategies includes an awareness of a five figure sum invested in learning and development with a commitment by the owner to review key performance indicators at quarterly meetings. Staff confirmed that they believe Maxim Business Solutions Ltd to be a great place to work as a result of on-going improvements to the way they are managed and developed”.

“Client feedback sheets form a critical part of the evaluation process as 50% of the organisation’s income stream is generated from repeat business. The sheet measures how well the course objectives were met; practical value; accuracy and clarity of material etc. with standards being set for all to achieve 5 as a minimum, on a scale of 1 – 6 where 6 is the highest. The organisation currently achieves between 5-6”

As part of our Maxim Business Solutions further commitment to IiP we have now identified further opportunities which will improve our performance and are aiming to upgrade our assessment to a minimum of Silver Status, with a timescale of achieving this within the next 18 months.

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Wedi ei bostio ar Dydd Gwener 27th Mehefin 2014