Volunteers wanted for coding clubs in Cwmbran primary schools

The Digital Volunteers are keen to make contact with volunteers who are able to help with running after school  coding clubs.

Kath Moreton-Smith says

"A number of primary schools in the Cwmbran area are starting after school coding clubs and they are looking for volunteers with computer programming skills to help run the clubs. Each club will already have a coordinator from the Communities First team, but we ideally need 2 volunteers to provide the expertise. It would involve an hour of your time once a week for a term. Of course, if you have work commitments or deadlines and you can't attend one session then that is not going to be a problem - the idea is there will be enough people to cover. It is an exciting scheme to get involved with because the key stakeholders want to roll the clubs out throughout Torfaen. Hopefully, a real community of like minded people will develop, who want to contribute something back."

For more information please email Kath : thedigitalvolunteers@gmail.com

Wedi ei bostio ar Dydd Mercher 28th Ionawr 2015