Welsh Government Opens Sustainable Production Grant Scheme (SPG)

The Sustainable Production Grant Scheme (SPG) is designed to help farmers in Wales improve the economic and environmental performance of their agricultural holdings. Its objectives are to increase on-farm investment, increase technical performance, increase on-farm production efficiencies and on-farm resource efficiencies.

The SPG covers capital investments in equipment and machinery along with some associated costs and supports projects that offer clear and quantifiable benefits to improve the overall performance and sustainability of the agricultural holding.

Priority will be given to projects that deliver against one or more of the following investment themes:

  • Animal & Plant Health
  • Crop Storage
  • Production Housing and Handling
  • Renewable Energy Production
  • Soil & Crop Management

The minimum grant threshold per enterprise for any individual investment project is £16,000. The maximum grant threshold per enterprise for any individual investment project is £400,000.

The scheme is discretionary and the amount of grant offered would relate to individual circumstances and would always be the minimum amount necessary to allow the investment to go ahead.

The grant can be used to invest in facilities and equipment that relate to the investment themes mentioned above. Support can cover tangible assets such as buildings, machinery and equipment and intangible assets such as computer software, patent rights and licences and technical and consultancy fees.

The scheme is open to applications from a wide range of businesses and organisations in Wales that are involved in the primary production of agricultural products, such as:

  • sole traders;
  • voluntary sector organisations;
  • private and public limited companies (SMEs and large enterprises);
  • farming businesses and co-operatives; and
  • new businesses, including start-up companies.

The primary production of agricultural products includes the following farming sectors: Arable; Beef; Dairy; Goats; Horticulture (including hydroponics and aquaponics); Pigs; Poultry; Sheep; and Apiculture.

Expressions of Interest must be submitted by 30 September 2015.

Further information availble here

Wedi ei bostio ar Dydd Gwener 31st Gorffennaf 2015