Bron Afon Community Housing/TRAC2

Teamwork to save money, reduce landfill and help people in need

Teamwork between a large and small social enterprise in Torfaen is showing businesses that it makes financial sense to recycle and reuse.

Bron Afon Community Housing and TRAC2, a recycling charity based in Torfaen, work together to make the most of what is left behind in empty homes.

Furniture and items left in empty Bron Afon homes are given to TRAC2 who then make up starter packs so people in need have the essential items like a bed, chair and cutlery.

 Wood goes to another local charity, Reseiclo, where adults with learning disabilities are taught skills to build items like bird boxes and desk tidies for sale.

Dave Smith, Bron Afon’s logistics manager, said: "I am extremely proud of the partnership Bron Afon has with TRAC2 and the benefits we are able to provide to local families and communities by recycling unwanted household items.”

In 2015/16 enough items were donated to make sure 40 struggling families didn't move into an empty house.

Dave added: "Throwing away items that could be reused doesn't make sense morally or financially. As one of Wales' largest construction companies with over 150 trade staff we use a lot of products each week.

"Our work with Trac2 and Reseiclo mean that virtually everything on our sites that can't be used goes to them or is recycled. The stories that come back from those two organisations about how they change people's lives with the things that we used to throwaway are heart-warming.

"In 2012/13 we paid a bill of £285,000 for sending waste to landfill. This year our estimated cost is just £9,000."

Michael Sheen helps out

The teamwork attracted the attention of Hollywood actor Michael Sheen who visited Trac2 twice in 2016. Late last year he spent the day volunteering collecting items from Bron Afon’s recycling centre in Cwmbran and delivering them to local families.

Facts on the award-winning partnership

  • 18.9 tonnes was given to Trac2  in 14/15. This jumped to 33.3 tonnes in 15/16.
  • In two years Bron Afon recycled 24 tonnes of cardboard.
  • Since March 2014 150 tonnes of wood has gone to Reseiclo.
  • 2,237 items left in Bron Afon homes were given to Trac2 in 15/16. This included washing machines, settees and beds.
  • In 15/16 Trac2 used donated items to make up 40 starter packs for people in need.
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