Luminous Media/Be Webwise : New website build and design

As a creative company, collaboration is a regular feature of working in our industry. At Luminous Media we prefer not to outsource or ‘white label’ our work, but on larger projects we do look to collaborate with other companies or freelancers to share the workload, increase our capacity, and to utilise the specialist skills of others. We have collaborated with other companies and freelancers on branding, web design, and social media projects.

For us collaboration isn’t just about getting the right mix of skills and experience; it is also about having the right values too. Our culture at Luminous Media is to be an ethical company. We not only work with charities and other third sector organisations, but we have given away our time and expertise for free for specific charity and community groups.

At the end of 2016 we collaborated with local web designer Be Webwise to build and design a new website for the Lottery funded group Dads Can. By enlarging the team we offered more to the client. Each member of the team played to their strengths, and the timescale for completing the work was reduced. It all resulted in a high quality product and good customer service to the client. The experience has been so positive that we have continued working together.

Collaboration not only enables us to tackle bigger projects but it is also a great way to feed further creativity, and to pool wisdom. We are always looking to collaborate with other creative businesses and freelancers.