Key Note Article

If you stop and think about it collaboration is a remarkable, tangible, impressive, fragile, and almost miraculous reality. Almost every product that you buy has come to you from a vast network of companies working in collaboration. The last shirt that you bought was a triumph of international business co-operation involving farmers, manufacturers and chemists, not to mention the marketers, packagers, logistic companies and retailers. And all them working together so that when you decided to buy a shirt, that item was waiting there for you. Collaboration is simply a fact of business, and one that should make us pause and wonder.

Collaboration and competition - Every business faces competition. Some business networks even exclude your competitors if you join them.

Big picture thinking - Individual businesses can face a number of limitations when trying to compete in larger markets.

Finding your bigger team - Where does collaboration begin? How do you get started?

Making friends with competitors - Despite being told to avoid the competition at all costs it is worth sitting down with them over coffee.

Adding value together - Can you offer a service that offers added value to clients?

Shared values - For any business, culture and values are vital, and anyone who joins the business, whether an employee or a collaborator, has to think the same way.

Ground rules - A collaborative partnership is about a win-win scenario.

Three key benefits to take away - You will find that collaboration helps boost the following areas of business.