Business HR

Here you'll find information about our third  business topic of 2018 - Business HR.

Read our commissioned, independent and informative Key Note Article - The Ivory Tower - which considers the image of HR and what goes on behind the perceived closed doors of this important department. Our other articles, Managing a Flexible Workforce, provides food for thought in terms of what types of employment exists in the UK and differing rights and The Basics of being an Employer will protect yourself and your employees from any difficult situations in the future.  

Take a read of the latest information on Auto Enrolment.

Also why not take a look at the video on Mental Health in the Workplace and take a read of an insightful piece on Wellbeing in Small Business: How you can help


We have also researched a number of resources and links including HR/Personnel related organisations in Wales.  Please feel free to let us know if you come across any others and we can add them to this website for the benefit of all - email 

Take a look at the events listing here on the Torfaen Economy & Enterprise website to find out about upcoming HR related events, including awards.

Many thanks to the businesses and organisations who have contributed to this business topic (Acorn Recruitment, Heard HR Solutions, EST HR,,  ETLP, Federation of Small Business and  Green & Co)

TED is the owner of the following TED talk video. is a non profit organisation devoted to spreading ideas.

Adam Grant; Are you a giver or a taker