Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (IP) is one of those terms you may hear talked about in business circles, but what is it and is it relevant to you?  IP sounds very grandiose, but it is in fact a legal term for a group of rights that protect “creations of the mind”.  From a day to day business perspective these might include copyright, patent, design right and trade mark.

Copyright in its simplest form protects artistic and literary works.

Patents protect technical innovations.

Design rights protect what your product looks like.

Trade marks are the legal way of protecting visual elements of brand identity, such as a product, service or business name, logo or strapline.

Advantages of IP

With an understanding of the basics of what IP rights may be relevant to your business you can use these to help drive forward the growth of your business in the knowledge that you have the rights in place to challenge those who try to benefit off the back of your hard work.  A Chartered Trade Mark Attorney or Chartered Patent Attorney will be able to assist to ensure that you get the most out of the IP system for your business.