Be The Spark

Join BeTheSpark in creating a visible, simple & connected ecosystem to ignite innovation driven entrepreneurship in Wales

BeTheSpark is an output of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Programme, which Wales joined in 2015. It is a global initiative designed to help regions accelerate economic growth and job creation through innovation-driven entrepreneurship.

Nine of Wales’ most prominent figures from business and academia have joined forces to start this movement, aiming to build a community that will help transform Wales, inspire the next generation and ultimately trigger more start-ups, more innovation and commercialisation, more opportunities and more jobs.

The nine are Ashley Cooper of Catalyst Growth Partners; Professor Simon J. Gibson of  Wesley Clover Corporation; Professor Dylan Jones-Evans of University of South Wales; Professor Hilary Lappin-Scott of Swansea University; Daniel Mines of the Admiral Group; Dr Drew Nelson of IQE plc; Hayley Parsons, founder of; and James Taylor, the founder of SuperStars.

The BeTheSpark movement  was  launched at the end of June 2017 and it is designed to connect like-minded people and bring together innovation and entrepreneurship.  The vision is “To embed a national imperative for entrepreneurship and innovation across Wales by all stakeholders to create more home grown profitable companies creating wealth”

Speaking about her role as CEO, BeTheSpark CIC Caroline Thompson says “I started my role formally on the 4th September and am delighted to be heading up this movement. I  have been seconded into the role by NatWest. I formally headed up the Bristol and Cardiff Entrepreneurial Spark Accelerator hubs, as part of the NatWest Entrepreneurship team for the past 2 years. NatWest have made a significant pledge in the form of my salary costs and are therefore the first Corporate Partner of BeTheSpark.

 Since the June 2017 launch event we have been actively working on the number of commitments made by the 300 attendees in the form of Must Win Battles and pledges.  Everyone can help   – from opening up their offices to support start-up companies to mentoring sessions or supporting networking sessions.”

 Play your part;

  •  Register at www.BeTheSpark.Wales
  • Promote #BeTheSpark to others
  • Link your events to #BeTheSpark
  • Recognise that there is no competition in community building
  • Become a #BeTheSpark promoter @BeTheSpark
  •  Make a pledge, make a difference

Contact Caroline directly if you have any questions