Capital Valley Plastics : Innovation Case Study

Capital Valley Plastics was founded in 1987, We manufacture polythene films and membranes for the construction industry. Initially running one blown film production line producing damp-proof membrane the company has expanded considerably over the years.

We currently run four blown film lines, with a fifth being installed at the moment, and a cast line. Our product range has also grown considerably, We now manufacture three thicknesses of Damp-proof membrane, Damp-proof course, vapour control layers, temporary protective sheet and a range of gas barrier membranes and DPC’s.

Construction methods and British Standards are always evolving and being updated, this means we must make changes and develop new products to stay relevant in our market.

Due to the increase in multi-storey houses being built we developed our Radbar High Performance DPC, a specifically engineered DPC to cope with the additional load from a multi-storey building. The increase in developing land where ground gases such as radon, methane and carbon dioxide are present resulted in our development of the Radbar Radon, Amber 1 and Amber 2 Foil Barriers. These high spec membranes protect future inhabitants from the potential hazard presented by the ground gases.

Our most recent product development is the Radbar Flexible Hydrocarbon membrane. This was the first and is still the only BBA certified hydrocarbon membrane. The development of this product resulted in us winning the Excellence in Innovation award at the 2017 Monmouthshire Business Awards.

2018 has seen another expansion, this time into polythene recycling. We have opened a 35,000 square foot recycling facility on the Kays and Kears Industrial estate in Blaenavon. We are on target to recycle 9000 tonnes of waste polythene packaging this year, with every gram being used to manufacture our 100% recycled DPM’s and DPC’s.

These changes and expansions have enabled Capital Valley Plastics to gain market share year on year, meet our existing customers demands and attract new customers on a regular basis. We place innovation and product development at the heart of our business.