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ASTUTE 2020 – Working with the Welsh Manufacturing Industry

Demand-led by industry, the EU-backed, multi-University partnership (Swansea, Cardiff, Aberystwyth Universities and University of Wales Trinity Saint David), ASTUTE 2020 is working together with the Welsh manufacturing industry to embed advanced and sustainable technologies.

ASTUTE 2020’s true industry academia collaborations provide companies with unique access to:

  • World-class academic experts across a University partnership
  • Highly qualified researchers and technical experts,
  • State-of-the-art research facilities and experimental equipment
  • Intelligent systems, advanced techniques and bespoke software

thereby encouraging stimulation of ideas and facilitating the adoption of change through research, development and innovation.

ASTUTE 2020 can support manufacturing companies across a variety of sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, energy generation, oil and gas, medical devices, electronics, foods, etc., stimulating growth by applying advanced engineering technologies to manufacturing challenges driving cutting-edge research and innovation. ASTUTE 2020 collaborations inspire manufacturing companies to improve and streamline their manufacturing processes, manufactured products and supply chain, generating sustainable, higher value goods and services and bringing them to a global market.

Over the last year, the ASTUTE 2020 team has been collaborating with multiple Welsh Manufacturing companies including Swansea-based start-up Marine Power Systems Ltd. (MPS) on their clean, reliable and affordable wave power technology, the WaveSub. ASTUTE 2020’s technical experts and MPS have generated suitable computational models and performed finite element analysis on the float structure of the WaveSub. As a result of this collaboration and further investment from Welsh Government, MPS have now reached a significant milestone and have unveiled a 1:4 Scale WaveSub prototype on the 13th October at Pembroke Dock. 

“With the prestigious skills and facilities available from ASTUTE 2020 at the new Swansea University Bay Campus, as well as its philosophy of innovation and advancement, we have full assurance that the research being produced by ASTUTE 2020 will confirm that our design for a power take off float is fully fit for purpose.”

Dr Gareth Stockman, Chief Executive Officer, Marine Power Systems Ltd.

ASTUTE 2020 builds on the most successful aspects of the previous ASTUTE project (2010 – 2015). ASTUTE has successfully demonstrated that we are in an excellent position to support companies via knowledge exchange and intensive collaborative RD&I projects in manufacturing technology. Over 250 Welsh SMEs benefited from ASTUTE’s assistance helping generate more than £9,256,336 in increased manufacturing investment for Wales, stimulated the creation of 174 new jobs and initiated the set-up of ten new enterprises. 

The ASTUTE 2020 operation is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government and the participating Higher Education Institutions.

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