About Teenage Cancer Trust

 Every year in Wales, approximately 124 young people are rocked by a cancer diagnosis. Just when life should be about fun, friends and future plans, cancer shatters everything.

  Many young people are rushed to a hospital ward where they’re treated alongside small children or older adults, often with no other patients their own age. The staff may not be experts in the cancers that affect young people or may not be able to explain the treatment in words they understand. Rigid visiting hours make it difficult for friends or siblings to visit. We need the continued support of the business community in Wales to give teenagers and young adults in Wales the chance to identify symptoms earlier, access specialist care, and face a world after cancer with the confidence to reach their potential.

  Teenage Cancer Trust Cymru makes sure young people don't face cancer alone by helping young people and their families deal with the many ways that cancer can affect your body, your mind and your life. We work in partnership with the NHS, in schools and colleges, and by bringing young people together so they can support each other.

  Before: Signs of cancer in young people are often misdiagnosed. We ensure young people can separate cancer fact from fiction through our unique Education and Awareness programme in secondary schools.

 During: Young people have complex needs that are distinct from those of small children and older adults. We’re working in partnership with four other local cancer charities to provide specialist care, age-appropriate facilities and emotional support at every step of the way.

 Ater: Our work doesn’t end when treatment ends. As young people and their families adjust to what the future holds, we’re there to offer advice and bring young people together at eventsto support one another.

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