Get Ready for Brexit

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1 Park Place, Cardiff CF10 3UD, Jurys Inn
Monday 14th October 2019 (13:00-15:30)
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Get Ready for Brexit

The United Kingdom will leave the European Union on the 31st October 2019 and your business will need to take action to get ready.

Join this free Brexit Business Readiness Event to meet government advisers and to find out what actions your business needs to take to prepare.

The event will combine a keynote address, interactive support, advice stands and in-depth sessions led by subject matter experts.  They will provide you with the specific business-focussed advice and help.

Business intermediaries are also welcome at these events as one of the features specially designed for these events is a session that provides information along with a pack for you to use with your members and networks.

Agenda as follows:

Registration and networking

Visit the advice stands: Get direct advice and support from government advisers to understand what your business may need to do to prepare for Brexit, what’s changing in your industry, and information on specific rules and regulations.  Get support on areas including:

  • Importing from the EU
  • Exporting to the EU
  • Providing services or doing business in the EU
  • Employing EU citizens
  • Transferring personal data
  • Support available in your local area


Keynote Address: Get Ready for Brexit

Businesses should take practical steps to ensure they are prepared for Brexit.  Join this session to:

  • Understand what’s changing for business
  • Get clear advice on the practical steps and actions that you can take
  • Find out more about the resources and support available to help you to get ready

Insight seminars: Head from subject matter experts on areas such as –

  • Import, export and customs for business
  • Employers of EU citizens
  • Trading with countries internationally
  • Prepare your business for Brexit – food and drink, farming, fisheries, waste, chemicals and trade
  • Prepare your energy business for Brexit
  • Trade in services -  preparing for Brexit
  • Data protection and Brexit
  • Intellectual property and Brexit

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