Digital Fitness

Welsh businesses take on economic uncertainty with digital fitness

With economic uncertainty meaning flexibility is more important than ever, staying digitally fit can help you strengthen your business for the future.

So, it is perhaps unsurprising that last year saw more Welsh SMEs turn to technology in a move to sustain and grow their businesses while questions over Brexit continue.

Which technologies companies embrace and how these allow them to be resilient is becoming ever more apparent if you follow Cardiff Business School Welsh Economy Research Unit’s Digital Maturity Survey.

The report illustrates how digital helps with the heavy lifting for business owners and staff alike by streamlining resources so firms can focus on growth.

And increasingly the results are positive: Welsh businesses are more able to hire people, with twice as many SMEs reporting higher employment in 2018 than the previous year; and more than half of businesses using superfast broadband specifically increase profits.

Digital fitness in Wales is driven from the North and the South East inwards to the Mid and West, where almost half of businesses now employ in-house specialists to help get them in shape. This reach goes beyond regions and into sectors, where there is a rise across the board in SMEs using online tools to manage specific parts of their business.

For example, Cwmbran-based oil and chemical spill specialist Zwanny Ltd has become more efficient after replacing its outdated paper-based systems with online tools, including a new customer relationship management (CRM) system and Office 365.

 Zwanny pic

Superfast Business Wales is helping Welsh SMEs like Zwanny boost its digital fitness through free workshops, 1∶1 advice and its recently launched Software Essentials Directory.

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