How to get great press on a small budget: 4 simple steps




Invest in great imagery

Invest in a set of professionally taken photos, both of yourself and of your product. They’ll
be an invaluable, long-term asset. You can use them in so many places including your website, social media channels, on printed materials, presentations and, importantly they’ll help you get excellent press. High-quality photos mean journalists can allocate more space for your article, meaning more coverage for your business! 

Learn to write a decent press release

If you want a chance of being published by authoritative media, including the local/regional and specific or niche press titles, you need to study and learn how news stories work. 

Include a good headline that’s relevant to the readership. The story needs to be written in the third person. You’ll also want to include a quote, or quotes, from the business owner - you! This might feel strange, but it’s how the article will be published, so save the journalist a job. 

Finally, include a link to your site and some kind of editorial justification for journalists to leave it in – for example a discount for readers or an upcoming event. 

Find reader angles

Consider the readership. As a start-up or small business, your story might simply be that you’ve launched, but already there will be a range of interested parties. People in your area may be interested to know of a new business launching near them, so include local papers and radio channels on your distribution list.

A tip: Universities and colleges love to hear about successful alumni, and their sites are authoritative and a great place to be published. Tweak your release so it’s relevant to each readership, and send it along with a high quality photo or two. 

Keep going

Keep thinking of what those same audiences might like to know next. Perhaps there are exciting things happening with your company. Maybe a celebrity tried your product and gave amazing feedback, or an employee or customer did something newsworthy or went viral on social media. 

Maybe you can start to create stories, by carrying out surveys or preparing infographics which are useful and relevant to your market. Each time, keep thinking of new audiences that could be interested – with a great story your business could gain national press attention.