Freedom from your business

Are you dreaming of freedom from your business?

What’s your business for?

What’s the ultimate outcome for your business? Is it scale, sell, step back or pass down?

You love your business, but…

Yes, we all love our businesses, but there are times when you’d REALLY like a bit of a break from it, if only for a week or so, to go on that luxurious holiday you dreamt about when you first started your business and imagined you’d then be rich enough to afford.

No time

Running a business is rewarding and satisfying, but it’s also hard work, time consuming and stressful. You imagined at some point you’d be able to take more time off because you’d have trusted employees to run it and could spend time with the family, go on holiday, pursue your passions and hobbies…the list goes on.

But, no…you find yourself spending most of your waking hours shackled to the business to keep it running.

Freedom from your Business

The ability to step away from your business (or possibly sell it), and it carry on without you, while still providing you with plenty of income/cash is priceless.

If you are looking to maximise the return from your business, as well as spending less time in the day to day running of it, then our free seminar is for you.

Matt Preece, Business Doctors will spend time running through the 8 focus areas that will both increase the value of your business as well as improve its efficiency and effectiveness, helping improve its scalability and attractiveness to prospective investors and buyers.

The session will give you practical tools and ideas that you can put into practice straight after the event, helping you work on your business rather than in your business!