The value of people in business

Our first business topic of 2020  focuses on the value of people in. Take some time out to read the articles we’ve sourced and commissioned. We hope they will help in this all important aspect of running a business.

Our thanks go to Business Doctors (Newport), Everett Tomlin Lloyd & Pratt, FSB Wales (Federation of Small Business) and HR Dept.

Training and development for employees can often be seen as expensive or time consuming, but if done well it can provide a significant return on investment.  Find out more in the article Investing in your employees is investing in your business'

This year, a third of the workforce will be millennials. As with generations before them, they bring new ideas along with new needs from their prospective employers. Read the article 'Is your employee retention strategy in tune with millennial?'' to maximise the benefits and opportunities for both businesses and millennials.

Some major changes are planned for 2020 to try to improve the working conditions of workers in the gig economy or on Zero hours contracts. Discover more about the “Good Work Plan” and measures due to be implemented in the spring of 2020. 

Working hours, working environment, performance and discriminatory conduct by other employees are just a few of many issues that may occur in the workplace. The article based on 'What business issues could lead to an employment tribunal' highlights some useful points and best practice measures which can help you manage employee relations well and limit the risk of disputes escalating into legal action.

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