Biodiversity & Business

Biodiversity helps to stabilise the climate and provide clean air and water, services vital for a secure environment. It provides raw materials, technology and business opportunities.

Biodiversity is at the heart of sustainable development.  It impacts the quality of human life and is an essential component to the sustainability of all human activity; particularly business.  There is increasing recognition within businesses that economic or financial success is inextricably linked to environmental performance.

Companies are increasingly aware of and addressing sustainability – environmental, economic and social.  For example Shell has published a Group Biodiversity Standard for all its operations and is implementing it through a clear strategy and action plan.

Engaging positively and with biodiversity issues offers a variety of opportunities for companies including:

  • Secure approval to operate,
  • Improve stakeholder relationships,
  • Appeal to ethical consumers,
  • Ensure sustainable growth,
  • Attract investors,
  • Improve productivity of employees

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