Walking & Cycling

Torfaen has an extensive network of easily accessible footpaths and cycling routes which can be used for getting to and from work, reaching important facilities such as leisure centres or shops or just for pleasure. Many of the routes are off road and pass through attractive landscapes with many interesting historical features and diverse habitats.  The number of routes has expanded rapidly over recent years and there is now an impressive network in the valley.

There are several ‘National Cycle Network’ (NCN) routes in the borough including:

  • NCN 492 - Cwmbran to Blaenavon
  • NCN 49 - Newport to Mamhilad
  • NCN 466 - Pontypool to Crumlin

For further information visit www.torfaen.gov.uk or www.sustrans.org.uk

The Afon Lwyd Trail is the principal off road route through Torfaen and follows NCN 49 and NCN 492 from Cwmbran to the Blaenavon World Heritage Site.  

A map of all the on and off road Cycling routes are available ( South Cycle Map and North Cycle Map )

There are over 229 miles of public footpaths and a series of circular walk leaflets are available to download.

One of the principal routes in the area is the ‘Iron Mountain Trail’ which is 12km route through the iconic landscape of the Blaenavon World Heritage Site.