Other Funding Streams

Support from the following programmes through Welsh Government is generally available to businesses that fit the eligibility criteria. You can download a guide for each programme below:

 SMARTCymru - Research, Development and Innovation

The SMARTCymru programme assists businesses to undertake in-house research and development (R&D), which will lead to technologically innovative products or processes.

Innovation Vouchers

Innovation Voucher support is targeted at aiding clearly defined innovation within SMEs that will retain or increase, in a sustained manner, the viability or competitiveness of a company.

Overseas Business Development Visit Support

The aim of the Overseas Business Development Visit Support is to provide support and assistance to companies (SME and large) to carry out international trade development activities and projects. It can only support activities that cannot be supported by other sources of public money (e.g. trade missions, delegations to exhibitions). 

Development Bank of Wales 

Created by the Welsh Government, the Development Bank will make it easier for businesses to get the capital they need to start-up, strengthen and grow.

 It launches (October 2017) with the new £100m Wales Flexible Investment Fund, more micro finance available and extended lending terms.  In total, the Development Bank of Wales has around £440m available to invest in Welsh business.

 The Wales Flexible Investment Fund will invest more and over longer periods than existing funds, offering up to £5m in a single round and repayment terms of up to 10 years.

 Through the Development Bank, the Welsh Government is also trebling the amount of micro finance available from £6m to over £18m, with further funds also being developed.

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