In the 19th Century Torfaen helped lead the Industrial Revolution in Wales through iron, steel and coal that created the modern world we live in. Today the county is transforming its economy and communities by leading the way in the digital revolution and establishing itself as a digital valley.

In Wales over £425 million is being invested in the UK’s largest rollout of superfast broadband fibre which will see 96% of all Welsh homes and businesses connected by the end of 2015.

At the heart of this transformation in Torfaen is the new shared resource data centre located in the World Heritage site of Blaenavon. The Centre was initially developed to provide a unique public sector digital storage facility and currently serves the neighbouring local authority of Monmouthshire and the Gwent Police Force. The Centre is now driving forward the transformation of the entire valley as a single integrated digital system.

High capacity fibre optic cabling now runs the whole length of the Valley enhancing connectivity and investment opportunities for the private sector. The Centre complements data connectivity in neighbouring areas and will be expanding its services to allow all businesses within Torfaen and the wider south East Wales area to take advantage of state of the art digital facilities.

In the South of the County the Springboard Business Innovation Centre ~ Wales business incubation facility provides an ideal soft landing base for international companies looking to establish a base within Wales. The Centre has an excellent track record of hosting and supporting inward investment projects with direct access to centres of expertise within academia and high performance computer facilities.

Equipping young people within Torfaen with the tools, knowledge and skills to maximise their potential in a digital and global economy is also key. Torfaen is again leading the way in the innovative digital learning initiative iLearn Wales which is now fully implemented allowing pupils, teachers and parents 24/7 access to educational resources and high tech learning plazas within the County.

If you decide to invest by locating your business in Torfaen then you will benefit from all the above. Our website provides a flavour of what you can find in Torfaen as an area to locate your business – but the best way you can find out more about why you should be here is to contact us - we’ll be happy to discuss things with you and demonstrate how it’s an option simply too good to resist!

For further information please contact Gaynor Wakeling, Business Development & Markets Manager;

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