Living in Torfaen

Torfaen is right in the heart of the South East Wales region which, in our opinion, is one of the best places in the UK to enjoy life. Your staff will revel not only working in a great place, but also being able to take advantage of residing in an area which is a real gem.


Within Torfaen and around the region there is a wide range of accommodation to buy and rent, in both urban, village and rural settings. Accommodation ranges from modern, luxury town apartments and estates, leafy suburban locations, bustling market towns to idyllic country hamlets. Your staff will thank you for the great choice and value of properties in the area.


Education plays a key role in attracting people to a region and there is no shortage of pre-school learning settings primary, secondary schools and colleges. Our schools are developing young people with high quality digital skills which will provide the skills needed for the digital and knowledge economies. In addition there are a number of highly reputable universities within easy reach. Torfaen is also a place committed to supporting and implementing initiatives that generate employment and training for work opportunities.

Our website provides a flavour of what you can find in Torfaen as an area to locate your business – but the best way you can find out more about why you should be here is to contact us – we’ll be happy to discuss things with you and demonstrate how it’s an option simply too good to resist!

For further information please contact Gaynor Wakeling, Business Development & Markets Manager;

Telephone: 01633 648371/Mobile: 07980682307                              Email: