Workforce, Skills & Education

Being at the heart of the South East Wales City Region, Torfaen is fortunate enough to have a catchment area of approximately 1 million people which means that businesses choosing to invest or locate here can access a fantastic resource – a diverse, high quality and skilled workforce. So whether you are at the forefront of technical innovation, looking to relocate a manufacturing business or needing to employ specialist skills for a niche business, you will find the right mix of skills here.

In addition, there are a number of universities and a well respected Further Education College within an hour and a half’s travel providing a steady supply of high calibre graduates in a wide range of commercial disciplines. There are also student placement opportunities along with collaborative/joint ventures opportunities. We actively encourage engagement with the higher and further education institutions in order to ensure that learning, innovation and research skills are developed so that good ideas can be transformed into viable commercial enterprises.

Torfaen is also a place committed to supporting and implementing initiatives that generate employment and training for work opportunities. Our schools are developing young people with high quality digital skills which will provide the workforce needed for the digital and knowledge economies.

So be rest assured Torfaen is able to satisfy your recruitment demands, now and in the future.

Our website provides a flavour of what you can find in Torfaen as an area to locate your business – but the best way you can find out more about why you should be here is to contact us – we’ll be happy to discuss things with you and demonstrate how it’s an option simply too good to resist!

For further information please contact Gaynor Wakeling, Business Development & Markets Manager;

Telephone: 01633 648371/Mobile: 07980682307                              Email: