Genfour is a leading RPA specialist.

Since our inception in December 2012 Genfour has always been focused on delivering robotics to our clients, developing its Evaluation, Mobilisation, Implementation, Maintain and Operate service lines at the outset.

We started as an implementation partner to Blue Prism but have since expanded to work with other RPA tools and, more recently, a cognitive “self-learning” platform.The main advantage of our focus is we have built the company to do robotics well.

Genfour’s vision is to become our client’s Digital Workforce partner, delivering full lifecycle support across multiple best-of-breed, and complimentary automation technologies in a consistent way to achieve cost benefits, operational improvement and better use of humans to do what they do best.

Genfour provides a fully managed, digital workforce that consists of robotic process automation, cognitive technology and attended desktop automation. Our workforce rapidly automates your repetitive, rules-based processes, to deliver the most valuable and predictable outcomes for your business. Highly referenceable, blue-chip customers select us because of our experience, expertise and client intimacy. Using-best of breed automation software and our rapid deployment methods, we closely manage your transition to the digital workforce and simplify the journey. You can expect swift results including; new levels of process efficiency, operational cost savings, speed and accuracy – leading to increased revenue growth and productivity gains.