Blaenavon town developed in the mid 19th century to support the needs of an ever growing population. During the Victorian age the town was home to  thriving businesses and bustled with activity. By 1901 there were over two hundred commercial buildings in Blaenavon, including dozens of public houses.

Today the main commercial centre, Broad Street,  is an attractive shopping area. There are craft shops, bookshops and unique food shops such as the award-winning Blaenafon Cheddar Company. There are also a range of traditional services, including a butcher’s shop, grocery shop and newsagent as well as a number of places to eat or drink.  Blaenavon is an ideal location for local independent retailers, with business support, sense of community and local pride. 

The heritage of the town is shown by the number of impressive public buildings, including the magnificent Workmen’s Hall (which was built by the workers of the town), Blaenavon Library and numerous churches and chapels, which all played an important role in the life of the town.

A Blaenavon Town Team has been formed made up of a small group of enthusiastic volunteers, represents all aspects of the Blaenavon Community. The aims of the Town Team are to promote the Town and what is has to offer.  The team are keen to start new projects and develop an action plan for the Town, find us on Facebook under ‘Blaenavon Town Team’ or on Twitter @blaenavontown   

 For more information on Blaenavon Town please contact 01633 648319.