Formerly a hub of industrial activity, Pontypool is now home to an abundance of creative activity with a flourishing market  offer, distinctive architecture and a beautiful park. 

Pontypool serves a catchment population of approximately 36,000 in mid and North Torfaen and has an important role in providing services and facilities for these communities.  

In recent years, the town has seen huge investment with the £13 million Pontypool Settlement Area (PSA) Programme, new housing developments and business investment while the town centre has become the home of Local Government and administration for the borough of Torfaen.

The Pontypool Settlement Area Programme is a 5 year physical regeneration programme (2010-2015) with a concentration of projects within the town centre.  These projects were identified by Torfaen County Borough Council as those that would most enhance the lives of Pontypool residents, the experience of shoppers and traders in the town and act as a catalyst for investment and regeneration activity.  Projects include an award-winning High Street Public Realm scheme and a Townscape Heritage Initiative project which awards grants to property owners who wish themselves to invest in Pontypool buildings. 

New Pontypool Branding reflects the town’s aspirations to be a vibrant and attractive place for work, shopping and leisure– promoting its strong heritage, beautiful park, nearby canal and friendly shopping environment.