MIT ILP: Wales Virtual Conference: Fiona Murray CBE & Dr Phil Budden - Covid-19 – Research Development & innovation opportunities for driving inclusive growth

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Wednesday 3rd February 2021 (13:15-14:00)
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How can we be more innovative? What does the future of work look like and how will technology change our lives?  How does a good leader manage change?

These are just some of the tough questions being asked by global business leaders seeking to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world. Many businesses in Wales continue to deal with the impact of the Covid19 pandemic and are continuing to explore what leaving the EU means for them.

These are challenging issues but they also create new opportunities to harness new technologies, innovate and do things differently to note only survive but grow.

Welsh Government is offering a unique opportunity for you to explore these big questions directly with one of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions; The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In collaboration with MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program (ILP), Wales will have exclusive access to global thought leaders at MIT who will deliver a series of interactive seminars on a range of subjects.