Business News Wales: Five Reasons Why Wales is the Perfect Location to Start a Business

According to a Blog submitted by Clare Jones of Prime Office Space on the Business News Wales website,  Wales, once famous for its Coal mining and slate quarrying, is becoming a popular location for budding technology entrepreneurs.

 “When we think of UK tech hubs, the first place that springs to mind is London and maybe Cambridge, but in recent years, we’ve been witnessing massive growth in an unexpected location, Wales

So what is causing businesses to ditch the big smoke for the rolling hills of Wales? From cheaper running costs, to the fact that nearly £115m of venture capital has been invested in Welsh start-ups in the past 6 years, Wales certainly seems like a superb locale for any earnest business owner.”

Here are 5 reasons why Wales really is the perfect location to start a technology start-up:

  1. A Growing Tech Scene
  2. Less Competition to Attract and Retain Top Talent
  3. Wide Variety of Properties
  4. Space to Grow
  5. Better Quality of Life

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Discover more about Torfaen as a location to locate a business, including  Springboard Business Innovation Centre ~ Wales, based in Torfaen  which aims  to encourage and support high growth science and technology businesses.

Posted on: Monday 19th March 2018