Would you like to promote your business

Torfaen Council is introducing a staff benefit scheme for employees, the scheme promotes businesses by offering an incentive for people to use their services or buy their goods.   The scheme works by issuing staff a reward card, they can then access a closed user website and mobile app that promotes businesses, the staff then get a discount or incentive to use the business.  There incentives can take many forms for example, a percentage discount, spend a set amount and receive a set amount of discount or even a free coffee when you buy a meal.  Your business will benefit from 24/7, 365 days a year promotion, all promotion and communication is taken care of, this includes marketing and communication opportunities throughout the year and the service is free. More information can be found on the Vectis Card website http://www.vectiscard.co.uk.   If you are interested please contact Tina Hulme email tina.hulme@torfaen.gov.uk




Posted on: Tuesday 27th March 2018