Coronavirus: guidance for tourism and hospitality businesses for a phased and safe re-opening

TEE Covid Information

The purpose of this guidance  (published 29th June) is to inform businesses working in the visitor economy in Wales of ongoing legal restrictions and requirements related to the coronavirus, and to help them re-open when this is allowed.

Test, Trace, Protect – in this guidance you will find links to the Test, Trace, Protect strategy which exists to enhance health surveillance in the community, undertake effective and extensive contact tracing, and support people to self-isolate where required to do so. The Welsh Government has published guidance on employers' responsibilities to help with COVID-19 testing and contact tracing. Contact tracing is an important part of Test Trace Protect strategy which will help us live and work alongside the virus while research continues to find more effective treatments and a vaccine.

The visitor economy encompasses all staying and non-staying visitors and the activities and expenditure involved in supplying products and services for visitors by both the private and public sectors. It covers a multitude of different working environments, from outdoor paid for attractions to indoor attractions like museums. It also includes a variety of activities and events.

This guidance is designed to be relevant for people who work within the visitor economy, for example:

  • people who operate or run hotels and other types of accommodation
  • people who operate Indoor and outdoor visitor attractions
  • people who run or manage spaces for business or leisure events and conferences
  • people who run pubs, bars and restaurants for food settings

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Posted on: Wednesday 1st July 2020