New £150,000 fund to help digital firms develop technology to combat coronavirus

The Covid-19 Digital Solutions Fund aims to quickly trial solutions in health and care to improve remote diagnostics, data collection and monitor PPE availability. The fund will support the rapid piloting and evaluation of new digital platforms, apps and technologies to determine their long-term use and potential in the health service. Awards of up to £30k will be made to the best five to eight projects, which meet the criteria. 

The rapid pilots will run throughout July and August with a potential for the new technology to be roll out from early September.

The following themes have been identified as offering the greatest challenge and potential impact: 

  • Remote diagnosis and triage of patients
  • Optimising data collection and processing
  • Tracking, managing and reporting on PPE availability and usage
  • Remote citizen support and treatment

Submissions by 9am 8th June 2020

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Posted on: Wednesday 27th May 2020