Coronavirus regulations from 9 November 2020 – restaurants, cafes and pubs

When the firebreak ends on 9 November 2020, there will be a new set of national measures, which will replace the previous restrictions.

How are cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars able to operate safely indoors?

Hospitality premises will be required to put the following measures in place:

  • premises should be providing table service only
  • all food and drink should be consumed at tables
  • physical distancing measures will be applied, such as tables being spaced out
  • limit to groups of up to 4 people (not including any children aged under 11) unless they are from a single household
  • face coverings must be worn other than when seated to eat or drink
  • you will be asked to give contact details for purposes of tracing people in the event of an outbreak being linked to the venue, and
  • there will be no live music and TV broadcasts will be kept at low volume

Please click on the following link UK Hospitality Guidance For Hospitality in Wales for guidance which has been produced by the Welsh Government following consultation with industry stakeholders and applies to hospitality businesses in Wales resuming service (indoors and outdoors) post firebreak.

Source: Business Wales

Posted on: Monday 9th November 2020