Superfast Business Wales: Why digital is now the 'new normal' for Welsh business

The pandemic has forced many Welsh businesses to dramatically change the way they work, with digital playing a key role. It has proven to offer a timely lifeline, helping small business owners to raise brand awareness, attract new customers, and convince previous ones to return.

Colman Kayman HR Services is one of over 6800 businesses to access free advice from Superfast Business Wales on how to use digital – read the full story  Owner Charlene Flynn found online platforms Microsoft 365 and OneDrive helped her win the battle for a healthier work-life balance without compromising her business goals.

Charlene said: “My services are incredibly time-sensitive so having an instant response for clients is vital. I can reply to emails remotely and everything is stored and safely backed up in the cloud so I can access files from anywhere.

“I went on a Superfast Business Wales search engine optimisation (SEO) course and it paid dividends. Since making the recommended changes, enquiries through the website have flown in and I have doubled the number of clients, which helped me make a profit in my first year.”

We’re here for you

Digital support service Superfast Business Wales provides free support for businesses with a range of webinars and 1-1 advice, including a comprehensive website review.

Whether you want to tell customers you’ve reopened safely, or soon will be, and need to get cash flow moving again to stabilise your business – digital can help you secure your business for now and in the future.

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Posted on: Wednesday 21st October 2020