Workplace guidance for employers and employees: COVID-19

To tackle the spread of COVID-19, the Welsh Government introduced the Coronavirus Regulations imposing strict restrictions on gatherings, the movement of people, and the operation of businesses (some of which had been required to close temporarily). 

Incrementally, as a result of regular review of the Regulations, an increasing number of these have been allowed to operate again. 
Businesses that are permitted to operate, or premises that are allowed to open must do so safely in a way that complies with the Coronavirus Regulations, in addition to other legal obligations imposed on employers (such as health and safety legislation).

Welsh Government have produced the five key steps that all those responsible for work in Wales should implement to Keep Wales Safe.

Please visit the Business Wales Keep Wales Safe at Work pages for further information for your business on dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak.

Source: Business Wales

Posted on: Friday 9th April 2021