More than £22 million COVID financial support reaches businesses in Torfaen

grants summary image

We know that being a business owner at these unprecedented times has been a challenge for everyone regardless of sector.

Torfaen Council has worked tirelessly to ensure that grants are awarded as quickly as possible. We have supported approximately 1,300 local businesses with over 22 million given out to date.

There has been wide spread funding starting in the first lockdown in March for commercial property followed by the start-up grant in July for businesses which didn’t have commercial premises.  This continued in October with the freelancer grant.  Unfortunately with the firebreak lockdown came a need for further funding, with an additional commercial property and hospitality grant in October and finally the Restrictions grant in December

Here is a summary of where the money has been awarded:

  •  March /April/ May/ June 2020:  Commercial Property Lockdown Grant: £17,650,000
  • July /August 2020:  Start up Grant: £157,500
  • October/ November 2020:  Freelancer Grant: £160,000
  • October/ November 2020:  Commercial property and hospitality Firebreak Grant: £3,084,500
  • December 2020:  Restrictions Fund - Economic Resilience Fund for Hospitality and Commercial: £1,580,000
Posted on: Monday 1st February 2021