Business Closures: Alert Level 4

Guidance  has been issued regarding what businesses and premises are required to close at Alert Level 4 in Wales (as announced by First Minister of Wales on 19th December 2020). 

The guidance, and the restrictions in the coronavirus regulations, are directed primarily at premises open to the public. Those premises may be indoors or outdoors. The primary purpose of closing premises is to reduce the number of gatherings between people, and to reduce the number of journeys that people make, in keeping with the overall rule that people should stay home as much as reasonably possible.

This  link provides  information  provided by Welsh Government on: 

Shops: general rule

Shops selling multiple types of product

Shops selling multiple types of product: emergencies

Click and collect services

Delivery services


Telecommunications repairs

Work carried out in people’s homes

Restaurants, cafes, bars and public houses

Maintenance of premises

Specific closure and exceptions  information is also provided on the following sectors :

Food  and drink



Non-residential institutions 

Assembly and leisure



Posted on: Monday 4th January 2021