Letter to businesses from Ken Skates regarding the end of the EU Transition Period

The Minister for Economy, Transport and North Wales, Ken Skates has issued a letter highlighting the Business Wales EU Transition Portal and a tracker that the UK government has developed.

The Business Wales EU Transition Portal provides a central source of advice and guidance for businesses preparing for the new trading relationship, including information on latest developments.

The UK government tracker can be used by businesses to obtain a personalised list of actions. The checker tool will ask questions about your business and provides all the information you need to be aware of.

He also highlights documents developed by the UK Government which cover actions that businesses should take to ensure they are compliant with the new rules. The Brexit Transition Changes – Actions for Businesses provides an overview of key actions for businesses as well as supporting guidance, helpline numbers and FAQs. The Sector Specific Brexit Transition Actions lists the top five actions for businesses in each of the following sectors: aerospace, automotive, chemicals, construction, consumer goods, electronics and machinery, life sciences, metals and materials, professional business services and retail.  He urges you to study these documents in detail.

Read the letter in its entirety here

Source: Business Wales 


Posted on: Monday 25th January 2021