Welsh Government: COVID-19 vaccinations: guidance for employers

The Welsh Government has issued guidance to help employers in Wales deal with the implications of COVID-19 vaccinations on their workforce. Whilst vaccination is not a mandatory requirement, employers have played an important role in encouraging staff to be vaccinated.

Summary of key points:

  • Within Wales there is no requirement for employers to ask staff, customers or service users to be vaccinated or to check on their vaccination status before letting them onto the premises or providing a service in the home or other setting. 
  • Employers still need to maintain the existing COVID-19 health and safety measures in their workplaces so these remain COVID secure. This means continuing to comply with measures such as social distancing rules, thorough cleaning and good ventilation. Employers should take reasonable steps to minimise the risk of transmission and carry out risk assessments as necessary. Please check the Public Health Wales website for up to date information on this  - Guidance on Keep Wales safe at work.
  • Staff should not be pressurised into taking a vaccination, but employers can help by providing information and offering paid leave for vaccination appointments and sick leave due to side effects. It is in the interests of employers to support the health and well-being of their workforce. 
  • Employers need to be careful they do not unlawfully discriminate against staff who have not been vaccinated.

The full Guidance is available at COVID-19 vaccinations: guidance for employers | GOV.WALES and covers the following key areas:

·       The vaccination programme

·       Making workplaces COVID secure

·       Understanding the current law

·       Equalities legislation

·       Types of discriminatory behaviour 

·       Health and Safety 

·       Employment terms and conditions 

·       Can I ask my staff or job applicants about their vaccination status?

Posted on: Friday 16th July 2021