Welsh Government: Vaccination saves lives: new toolkit to help employers encourage employees to get COVID-19 vaccine

The Welsh Government is encouraging employers to do all they can to support their workforce to get vaccinated. 

A new toolkit has been launched to support businesses and organisations to help their workers get the COVID-19 vaccine.

It encourages employers to:

  • Be as flexible as possible when it’s time for staff to have a vaccine, this could include giving employees paid time off work to attend their appointments for both vaccine doses
  • Use the campaign resources provided by the Welsh Government to run an awareness campaign in their organisation and provide employees with access to reliable and accurate information about the vaccine
  • Share the Q&A document and expert advice videos to explain the vaccine and answer common questions employees may have
  • Urge staff to be cautious about misinformation and encourage them to use trusted sources like phw.nhs.wales if they are searching for information or answers to questions about the vaccine
  • Create employee vaccine champions by encouraging staff to discuss their experiences and share information with colleagues, family and friends

Read the Welsh Government press release here : https://gov.wales/vaccination-saves-lives-new-toolkit-help-employers-encourage-employees-get-covid-19-vaccine

The promotional pack can be found here : https://gov.wales/covid-19-vaccination-promotional-pack-employers


Posted on: Tuesday 27th July 2021