Employer Incentive Scheme

Welsh Government has invested a further £18.7 million to extend incentives to support businesses in recruiting apprentices in Wales.

The Employer Incentive Scheme, which will now run until 30 September, is a key part of Welsh Government’s covid commitment to support businesses and workers in recovering from the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19).

  • £4,000 incentive for businesses employing a young apprentice, under the age of 25 for at least 30 hours per week (an uplift from the previous £3,000 grant)
  • £2,000 for each new under 25 year old apprentice they employ for less than 30 hours a week (an increase of £500)
  • For workers aged 25 and over, businesses can access £2,000 for each new apprentice they hire on a 30 hour or more contract, and a £1,000 incentive for apprentices working less than 30 hours.
  • Payments are restricted to ten learners per business.
  • Dedicated funding is also available to recruit disabled people and for workers who lost a previous apprenticeship position because of COVID-19.

Read the full Welsh Government press release here £18.7 million to extend business incentives to recruit more apprentices | GOV.WALES

Posted on: Friday 12th March 2021