Get involved with the Optimised Retrofit Project

The Optimised Retrofit project will see more than 1,724 homes across Wales made more energy-efficient. Optimised Retrofit is the retrofit of an existing home which provides effective, practical pathways to take that home to its lowest achievable carbon footprint.

This is achieved through a combination of building fabric improvements, low and zero-carbon technologies (such as solar panels, battery storage and heat pumps), and intelligent ongoing operational controls

The process of retrofitting these pathway homes will enable the trial and refinement of the digital tools required to enable the decarbonisation of homes across Wales, as well as help build the skills and training needed to underpin this.

The collaboration of 68 partners, including 26 social housing providers, has been awarded more than £13m in funding by Welsh Government through the Optimised Retrofit Programme that was introduced this year as part of the Innovative Housing Programme. 

Find out more about the optimised retrofit process, what it means and to register interest here. It’s a growing area and a wide variety of skilled construction and tradespeople are needed to make sure the project is successful as well as other building industry professionals. Please see the full list on the website. Please note the Residential Social Landlords will procure from the list of those who have registered 

Communities & Housing Investment Consortium (CHIC) is using Delta eSourcing to run the tender exercise at CHIC Wales Optimised Retrofit Consultancy DPS 2021 | Delta (

Posted on: Wednesday 6th October 2021